Technology Integration Partner Program

The Technology Integration Partner Program empowers technology partners to integrate and certify their solutions with Symantec's product portfolio resulting in access to greater market opportunities. 

TIP Program focuses on the technical integration aspect of partnership. By working to integrate our data feeds, linking together our defensive platforms, leveraging each other’s advanced detection suites, automating workflows to increase productivity. This is how Symantec brings together the best technologies in the industry, building the best security ecosystem that empowers business.

TIPP Technology Integration Map

To help our customers understand how the Integrated Cyber Defense Platform can help, we have created an interactive map of all internal and external partner technology integrations.

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Technology Spotlight

We are pleased to announce the early access of the Symantec Integrated Cyber Defense Exchange (ICDx) to our TIPP community. ICDx provides this single integration point by acting as a centralized 'clearing house' for all events generated by Symantec products. In addition, ICDx implements a unified security schema and framework for collecting, filtering and forwarding events and requested actions across an integration bus. This approach dramatically simplifies integrations for Symantec TIPP partners.

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For more information, including access to the ICDx Installer, visit the TIPP ICDx Resources page.

TIPP partners should register their interest now by emailing and securing your certification spot as space is limited.

Technology Integration Partner Technology Tracks

Learn more about the Technology Tracks by selecting one of the product boxes below.

Cloud Connect

Make the transition to the cloud while maintaining critical visibility and control between users and applications.

Data Loss Prevention

Integrate your applications with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) via Symantec’s server FlexResponse Application Programming Interface (API), an open platform for data protection.

Encrypted Traffic Management

Preserve privacy, policy, compliance and the investment in your security infrastructure.


Ensure that only the right people on the right devices are accessing your sensitive information.

Messaging Security

Secure your cloud and on-premises email by blocking malware, spam and targeted attacks with the highest effectiveness and accuracy. Keep your emails secure and confidential by controlling sensitive data.

Threat Protection

Full visibility into any activity—from network, to email, to endpoint—allowing you to perform advanced forensics from a "system of record" and orchestrate swift and precise incident response.

Web Protection

Block. Detect. Analyze.

News and Events

Join Symantec at live events to learn how to stay ahead of tomorrow’s threats.

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