Symantec Cloud Data Protection & Security

Selectively encrypt or tokenize field-level information in SaaS applications to achieve cloud data protection and compliance.

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Encrypt or Tokenize Field-Level SaaS Cloud Data

Before any sensitive cloud data leaves an organization’s control, it is replaced with a meaningless surrogate token or a strongly encrypted value to ensure it remains private.

  • Protect field-level SaaS data using the strongest cloud data tokenization and encryption techniques
  • Maintain full ownership of token vault and/or encryption keys
  • Preserve application functionality, such as the ability to perform searches on data that has been encrypted or tokenized
  • Use the strongest encryption or tokenization techniques; no need to use weakened proprietary encryption schemes like other solutions

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Data Is Secured Through The Entire Cloud Data Lifecycle

Data is never exposed in-flight, at-rest, or in-use during processing in the cloud.

  • Unlike data encryption services from cloud application service providers that only protect data at rest, Symantec also secures data while it is being processed in cloud applications
  • The ability to maintain full control of data and not have it exposed during cloud processing is critical for many compliance programs
  • Only SaaS app users authorized by the enterprise can see and work with sensitive data in the clear

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Maintain SaaS Application Functionality With Protected Data

SaaS app users can perform important functions like searching and sorting on data fields that have been encrypted or tokenized

  • Only authorized users with access to the Cloud Data Protection Gateway can see information in the clear
  • Some of the most important data fields users interact with are also the ones with the greatest compliance and privacy concerns, such as PII or PHI, so usability is critical
  • Our innovated, patented approach indexes protected values locally in the database of the gateway, so SaaS application features are not impacted by encryption or tokenization process
  • No weakened techniques, like deterministic encryption or searchable encryption, required to preserve functionality

Use DLP Policies to Drive Data Encryption or Tokenization

DLP is great for preventing data leakage, but some sensitive data has a legitimate business need to be used in cloud apps.  Symantec DLP is now integrated with Cloud Data Protection to address these requirements.

  • Encrypt/tokenize DLP action supports the use of regulated cloud data in the cloud, opening up many new use cases for cloud apps
  • Use existing DLP policies to identify sensitive data that requires additional protection
  • Encryption keys and/or token vault reside with the enterprise
  • Cloud app users can still interact with protected data

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Enterprise Class Breadth, Scale, Usability & Interoperability

  • Part of Symantec’s leading CASB offering
  • Multi-cloud and multi-org capability supports broad enterprise use
  • Support for large enterprise cloud ecosystems like Salesforce, Oracle and Servicenow, as well as smaller SaaS cloud applications
  • Deploy on-premise or as a managed service
  • Use product’s existing encryption, key management, and tokenization or use third party providers
  • Integrated with ProxySG, Cloud Data Protection provides high availability, enterprise-level scalability and performance
  • Architected to be resilient to changes/updates made in SaaS applications by cloud service providers

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